Tips for Flying an RC Warbird

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This guide is for you only if you can operate three channel RET (Rudder Elevator Throttle)Β remote control airplanes safely. So make sure you have some experience in flying RC trainers, before thinking to try an RC warbird.

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Here are several starting points, but it is best to get some help though.

Planning Ahead

Warbirds cover ground faster than you expect. Added to this their small profile makes it easy to lose visual orientation.

  • Concentrate – even experienced pilots give warbirds their full attention.
  • Plan Ahead – plan your turns and maneuvres in advance and always be thinking in front of the plane.
  • Start your turns earlier to avoid flying the plane out of visual range.
  • If you find yourself struggling for orientation then work from the last time you knew exactly what the aircraft was doing.

Keep Up the Energy

The higher wing loading of warbirds makes them more susceptible to tip stalls, snap rolls and spins:

  • Manage the throttle and make sure the bird is always flying at reasonable airspeed.
  • Beware of losing airspeed if you have an upward climb angle in corners.
  • Don’t try and add too much elevator in a corner until you know the aircraft.
  • If you stall into a spin remember your spin recovery – close throttle, opposite rudder if necessary, add throttle, fly away.
  • Land within your flight endurance – warbirds without power are no fun.


Maintain airspeed by approaching under power, using a reduced throttle to lose altitude. Even belly landers can be brought to the ground under power, closing the throttle once the aircraft is in ground effect.

Critical – Don’t dip those wings, or try to bank, at landing speeds


If you lose power a warbird, with a head of airspeed, is going to take at least 7 meters of altitude to turn 180 degrees. If you lose power at less than 7 meters don’t turn back – make your landing within 90 degrees of the direction you are currently pointed.

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