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Playing with RC toys while growing up is a memory that most adults cherish. Whether they are RC planes, boats, or cars, most of the children and their parents have had some form of remote-controlled toy.

Best RC Planes

As we age, the toys start to fade away and replaced by the hopes and dreams for the future. Then there are some who dream of flying aircraft, only to realize that their dream to date is by reach, whether economic or otherwise. But what they may not realize is that with remote-controlled model aircraft, not their dream is so far from reach as they may have thought.

First, you must decide which type of aircraft is best for you. The recommended kit for new entrants is ready to fly (RTF) kit. This kit contains everything you need to fly the plane almost immediately after purchase. Usually, you have to do minimal work, just assembling the pieces of the planeโ€™s wings, tail and propeller; radio systems are also included, and also this kit is more expensive and less flexible as others, you can, in a sense, buy and fly.

There are also options that allow you to customize your plan, as the plug N Play (PNP) RC airplanes or almost ready to fly (ARF). PNP is delivered with the basics of rate, with the planeโ€™s body, and the flyer gives control radio. This kit, you can use the equipment you already have, save costs involved in purchasing the entire scale model aircraft kit with radio controls. It also provides the option to use multiple plans with your controls, adding variety to your collection. In a similar sense, ARF also customization and variety, but the flyer gives most everything to get the plane in which conditions you would bear; cash payment, and sometimes a motor, and the rest is up to you. This is a major purchase for the experienced flyers, looking up the hobby by creating their own plan.

RC Airplanes
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After deciding which plan is best, start with a coach. They will learn the ropes of flying and how to manage your plan in a crash; there is also the possibility to buy a Flight Simulator. With the Simulator, you can learn tricks of the fly without damaging the plan. You can also practice your hobby in bad weather and reduce the amount of time practicing and increase the actual time.

You can also search your area for local RC plans clubs. People are looking for like-minded people and have started their own groups. When armed with your coach and a dedicated group of fellow pilots, you will from the ground in no time, learning a skill that you will get a day pass to your children and for future generations

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Buying RC Airplanes – Key Points to Consider Before Making Your First Purchase

Design layout and configuration

You need something forgiving and stable as your first RC airplane. This fact is of major importance, yet many beginners are tempted to purchase a fast RC airplane with a cool look, without thinking about how they are going to control it. As a result, most of the times, their awesome remote control plane ends up a wreck during the first minutes. To avoid this, make sure your purchase a wing trainer. ‘High Wing” means the wing is placed on top, high above the fuselage, a configuration that offers the best stability in the air, and this should be just what you need during the early stages of learning how to fly your RC plane.

Power type

There are two major engine types used to power the RC planes

  • IC: Internal Combustion Power – piston engines
  • EP: Electric Power – electric engine

Of course, nowadays there are also jet engines powered RC planes, but a beginner should avoid this type of aircraft, as it requires more advanced skills to pilot. So if you’re not sure which type of power to choose, well, go with electric; electric RC airplanes are usually cheaper, and easier to control. However, if you enjoy the smoke and burnt fuelย smell and also that buzzing noise of a piston engine, well, you can go with an IC.

Best RC Planes for Beginners

Remote Control Number of channels

  • There are several options you can choose from – single, two channels, but you should choose a 3 channel RC plane.

A 3 channel RC airplane will allow you to control the rudder, elevator, and motor; another configuration for a 3 channel RC plane can be the elevator, motor, and ailerons. However, a rudder is more common, and advisable, on RC airplanes for beginners; controllable ailerons are usually mounted on faster RC planes able to perform more aerobatics, that requires the ability to roll easily and smoothly – something allowed by controlled ailerons.

Kit, ARF, or RTF

There are three main levels of ‘completeness’ of the RC airplanes available:

  • Unassembled kit – it involves building the airplane from a set of various pieces. It can be extremely satisfying, and fun but this is going to require knowledge of model, along with some building abilities to do it properly, and make it fly. After building the model, you will have to buy the engine, battery pack, and all the other components separately. You should avoid this type in the beginning. You’d better learn to fly first, before seeing a plane that has taken you countless hours of time and effort to build how it crashes right in front of your eyes!
  • ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) RC plane – this is 90% finished. All you have to do is to buy and install buy yourself the motor, battery pack,ย ESC, and the radio gear.
  • RTF (Ready To Fly) RC plane. As we have already said, this is the best choice if you simply want to have some fun and get flying as quickly as possible. RTF RC planes are fully finished with everything (all electronics, radio, and motor) installed.


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