Spektrum DX9 Black Edition SPMR9910

If there’s a radio system that will check most of an RC enthusiast’s boxes, it would be the Spektrum DX9, black edition, that is.

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This transmitter retains its original DX9 features but makes a little extra with a stunning matte black exterior. It has full-range nine channels, large model memory capacity, four programming types, to name a few.

Whenever Spektrum releases a radio model, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised. And this time, it’s the sophisticated monochromatic finish and elegant case it comes with, which gives off a limited-edition vibe. There’s no better way to match its premium features, ergonomics, and functionality than this.

And like most Spektrum radios, the DX9 uses the proprietary DSMX technology and AirWare firmware to operate different types of RC aircraft, from sailplanes to helicopters with precision. Despite its superior capabilities, you don’t have to be an expert to fully optimize this device with its easy-to-use interface, well-placed control switches, and unparalleled benefits to the user.

DX9 Black Edition Cool features

  • multiple control functions with nine channels
  • custom matte black finish
  • comes with a special edition black case, neck strap, and Spektrum AR9020 receiver
  • 11 ms frame rate setting
  • four programming modes for airplane, sailplane, multirotor, and helicopter
  • internal memory for up to 250 models
  • advanced voice alert system in five languages
  • wireless trainer system and ModelMatch technology
  • ergonomic and intuitive design
  • system access via function menu
  • ample high-resolution LCD screen with backlight
  • no-slip rubberized scroller
  • variable stick length
  • adjustable stick tension
  • smooth quad-bearing gimbals
  • configurable switch controls
  • dual antenna
  • adjustable gyro gain with 7-point curves for helicopter mode
  • 10 airplane wing types
  • 7 helicopter swashplate types
  • 5 sailplane wing types
  • 10 programmable mixes
  • 5 flight modes
  • prevents servo overheating
  • external SD memory card support
  • compatible with any DSM2 and DSMX receivers
  • 4Ghz radio frequency
  • lithium-ion battery-operated transmitter
  • dual rates and variable expo
  • works with EN 328 standard devices
  • low latency transmission

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 Why you will simply love the DX9 Black Edition

 Advanced voice alert system

When the DX9 talks, it’s never cheap and empty. Added to make your flying as focused and fun as it should be, the voice alerts of this radio transmitter will confirm the various actions you perform and keep you posted on important metric readings.

As a user, you will surely appreciate getting timely reminders, especially when you’re going above your limits based on the restrictions you’ve set yourself. With its generous lexicon of more than 300 words and phrases, be reassured that you will be getting useful and meaningful information every time.

Leave it to your transmitter to read out to you how fast you’re flying or if your signal quality is good without having to keep your eyes off your aircraft. You can program using the custom voice alerts function to adjust your desired notifications and other settings.

While the default voice language of the DX9 is in English,  there are four more major languages you can switch to that are available for download, ensuring you can communicate your telemetry data without getting lost in translation.

Wireless trainer functionality

Your master and slave transmitters don’t exactly have to be of the same make to enable buddy boxing.  Spektrum’s wireless trainer link allows you to pair your DX9 with any transmitter within the DSMX and DSM2 ecosystem.  Aside from transmitters, its versatility even extends to most Spektrum FPV headsets.

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Once you’re successfully bound to one another, there’s no need to repeat the process in future training sessions.  Thanks to the ModelMatch technology, it assigns a unique code to the transmitter such that it recognizes it right away every time you activate a connection.

You can also choose the traditional route of connecting to another transmitter using the trainer cord, which is included in your purchase of the DX9.  When used to operate a drone camera, this wireless link can assign gimbal functions to another device.  This way, one gets to concentrate on lining up the shot while the other is dedicated to avoiding mid-air obstacles for safe piloting.

Vast 250-model internal memory

Large model memory, anyone? With DX9’s vast memory capacity that can store up to 250 aircraft models, it is more than enough even for a versatile pilot.

Choosing from your list will no longer entail toggling between your transmitter’s menu and your external memory. Simply scroll through occupied slots in your internal memory whenever you’d like to fly a particular aircraft. It even allows you to sort your model list to find your favorites at the top easily.

The intuitive interface displays only saved models, making for a more efficient search.  And with the Spektrum Airware program, this also means that you can share model setups seamlessly with other Spektrum transmitters.

  • 10 Wing types: Normal, Dual Aileron, Flaperon, 1 Aileron 1 Flap, 1 Aileron 2 Flaps, 2 Aileron 1 Flap, 2 Aileron 2 Flaps, Elevon, Elevon-B, 4 Aileron
  • 6 Tail types: Normal, V-Tail A, V-Tail B, Dual Elevator, Dual Rudder, Dual Rudder/Elevator
  • Flap delay and elevator compensation
  • 5 Flight modes
  • Dual rates and expo
  • 10 Programmable mixes
  • Multirotor
  • Multirotor Channel Inputs – ALT (Altitude), – ROL (Roll), PIT (Pitch), YAW
  • Multirotor Checklists, Warnings and Voice Alerts
  • Simplified Multirotor Flight Mode Setup and Switch Assignment
  • Active gyro trim
  • 7-Point throttle curve
  • 7-Point pitch curve
  • 7-Point tail curve
  • 7 Swash plate types: Normal, 3 Servos 120°, 3 Servos 135°, 3 Servos 140°, 3 Servos 90°, 4 Servos 90°, 2 Servos 180°
  • Swash plate timing
  • 5 Flight modes
  • Dual rates and expo
  • 10 Programmable mixes
  • 5 Wing types: 1 Servo, 2 Aileron, 2 Aileron 1 Flap, 2 Aileron 2 Flap, 4 Aileron 2 Flap
  • 3 Tail types: Normal V-Tail A, V-Tail B
  • Flap delay and elevator compensation
  • 10 Flight modes
  • Dual rates and expo
  • 10 Programmable mixes

Integrated telemetry for smart piloting

Flying your aircraft with the DX9 may feel like second nature to you; knowing you have control over your skills can be crucial. The built-in telemetry allows you to acquire and monitor data remotely for smarter piloting.

This valuable tool provides technical information on your airspeed, altitude, RPM, engine and motor temperature, battery voltage, transmitter signal quality, and many more.

After each flying session, you can review these measurements yourself on the DX9’s backlit LCD screen by setting up your SD card to record them. Or, your assistant can monitor them in real-time while you’re flying through a smartphone by downloading the Spektrum Dashboard app.

Better yet, this feature works hand in hand with a voice alert system that you can activate to optimize your transmitter functionality fully. Set your DX9 to notify specific telemetry values according to your desired sequence by simply turning a switch.

Note that your transmitter’s telemetry will require accessories such as modules and sensors, sold separately, to enjoy its features.

Ergonomically sound device

If you are impressed with the stellar features of the DX9, you will even be amazed by its ease of handling. The ergonomics of this transmitter make for balanced weight distribution, great comfort, and strategically placed buttons and switches, allowing better operation and control of your aircraft. There’s just no other way to match the sophisticated DSMX technology than what the Spektrum DX9 has.

The ergonomic design includes some of the most notable DX9 features, such as the rubberized grips, smooth gimbals, programmable configurations, customizable settings, clear LCD, and the SimpleScroll interface button. All of these traits are packed into a compact yet powerful radio transmitter.

Upgrade ready

The DX9 is not about to be left behind at any moment because it is ready to keep up with the times and continue leading the pack, ensuring a long-lasting partnership with its pilot. Call it a gift that keeps on giving; its Forward Programming capability accommodates the latest upgraded Spektrum components without a hitch. It can also install Spektrum AirWare updates saved in your SD card, so it stays relevant and functional all the time.

Our Experience with the Spektrum DX9 Black Edition

We have to admit that DX9’s awesome black edition caught our attention right away.  But even more impressive is what you get out of it. It even comes with a roomy case with deep nooks that allow you to store other items alongside your transmitter. Included in the package are the branding decals in case you want to place some on your stuff.

The nine channels and two satellites are some of its major selling points because they can handle just about any RC aircraft. You can consider them as great bonuses, adding more value than what you pay for this unit. Aside from the adjustable antenna, it has another one built-in, giving you an even better signal quality.

The overall look and feel of this model are reminiscent of its predecessor, the DX8. And as such, there is practically no learning curve. It has jack outputs to accommodate the trainer cord and headphones if you want to listen privately to the voice alerts. There are letter assignments to each group of switches to make it easy to follow the setup instructions. You have the slider switch conveniently tucked at the back.

Meanwhile, the flight mode switches are much easier to flip. Another improvement is seeing all program settings in the main menu, especially the system and trim setups. We like how this transmitter has trim memory based on your last adjustment for a particular flight mode, so you don’t have to keep repeating it.

Every switch change is accompanied by a voice description which may take some getting used to, but overall, we think it is very helpful in confirming a switch you made. Because of such voice alerts, we can be sure when we have the airplane ready for take-off. When we were about to land, which is a crucial stage, we didn’t have to run for cover even when the plane was bouncing around fighting off the wind. In short, we’ve had nothing but success flying different aircraft with this device.

Final thoughts

Indeed, Spektrum has earned another set of brownie points with their DX9 transmitter, which makes it worthy of consideration when looking for a solid piece of equipment to fly various aircraft models. It is loaded with great features and intuitively designed that will only compliment the skills of an experienced pilot. The most important bit is, you can get a lot of use from it, as proven by its preparedness to embrace component upgrades in the future. While it is not a perfect transmitter, you will need to nitpick to find anything bad about it. If any, it would be minor, and it remains to be a formidable choice.


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