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There is one thing for sure, you are going to need to be competent in fast flying and have very good eyesight as these Delta RC planes will be out of your view in no time at all.

Best RC Planes

When you ready to fly your new RC Delta plane make sure you take a friend that has hand launched a RC model aircraft before, with a bad throw your model could be heading for disaster, because of its wing shape the control surfaces are minimal but need to be 100% correct.

Lazer arrow RC Delta Plane is sporty and reasonably easy to fly. Its low inertia enables the Lazer arrow to perform extremely well, including slow flying, steep climbs and really fast dives, rolls, loops, inverted flight and so on. All in all this model is very nice. I used an Irvine 46 in this model with a standard pipe, all the parts are laser cut, so it fits together very well in a short time.

Weston Tigershark is a magnificent-looking radio control airplane that goes together quickly and flies like a bullet. It is certainly was not intended for the faint of heart and is sure to give any experienced RC pilot the ride of his life.

If you have a need for speed the Weston Tigershark is for you, I Used the West Eurotech.50vl ABN 2-Stroke engine with a tuned pipe and manifold this produces more than 2.8bhp at 21,500rpm! In addition to being an awesome power plant, this engine looks really neat, it has a violet-coloured anodized head, carburettor and thrust washer.

This range of RC planes is definitely for the more experienced flyer. As with all models, safety and RC insurance is a necessity.

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