How to Make a Wooden Airplane – Essential Guide

Model AicraftGuidesHow to Make a Wooden Airplane - Essential Guide

In the rows below, you are going to learn how to build a model airplane, specifically a wooden model plane. This process has also proven to be a very successful approach to putting together any type of model aircraft kit.

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First, let us go over some of the basic of what will be needed to properly start this project. I have list below a few of the essentials.

Items Needed:

  1. Large flat cardboard box that is at least 6 inches wider than expected wingspan.
  2. Wood Glue (Specifically for models or the high end carpentry glue.)
  3. Small box of pin needles.
  4. Make a workspace whether it be a table, a room or space on the floor where you can dedicate your time working on this project and allows enough room for your cardboard platform.
    Make sure your work area is well lit.
    Grab your favorite drink. (Jones Cream Soda for me.)

Step 1

Begin by taking your cardboard platform and lay it out over your work area. Ultimately you would want to have a flat, stable area to work with. Though you may need to secure your platform to the surface, depending upon what you are using. Next is to set out all of the items you gathered earlier, usually on the side of your dominate hand, which would be my right hand.

Step 2

Open your wooden airplane kit and layout the pieces by section. Some individuals like to put the whole plane together start with one piece and just adding to it until everything is done. Most of the time that is not able to be done but even if it was, it’s definitely not the right approach to take. What I mean by laying out each piece by section is that you take the pieces for the wings and place them in one section, the pieces for the tail in another and so on.

Step 3

From this point it is pretty obvious that you must take each piece and begin to put them together so that you can bring your creation to life. I not going to go into a step by step detail on how to glue, we all learned that in kindergarten. I will share a very useful tip with you that will make things much simpler when gluing your pieces together. I’m sure you have been wondering what those pin needles are for, well now is the time to use them. Assuming your kit is a not an itsy bitsy plane, take the needles and when you glue two piece together you are about to secure them until the glue dries. For extremely important pieces you can actually push the needle through the wood and into the cardboard safely fastening your wooden pieces from moving.

Of course each plane is different, so techniques on putting them together can alternate. This is one of the simplest and more popular methods to use. If you have a method you would like to share, just contact me today and we’ll get it posted. Also be on the lookout for other tips on building model airplanes.


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