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Model aircraft are a popular hobby. It’s incredible what the companies behind these little machines can do, and how impressively close to the real thing some micro RTF model planes become. If you’re a fan of the Cessna, then you should check out the Cessna 182 WLtoys F949 micro RTF based on the Cessna 182.

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The Cessna 182 WLtoys F949 offers a low-cost and easy-to-fly remote control plane. Much like a real-life Cessna, this model is made for beginner pilots just getting their proverbial feet off the ground. The model plane is made from EPP composite foam to create a lightweight but durable fuselage. The F949 has a coreless motor that gives you plenty of power while still being energy-efficient. With an average flight time of 25 minutes, you’ll spend plenty of time in the air and less time charging between flights. Nothing is going to get in the way of your fun.

The smaller 500mm wingspan on the plane means that you fly it inside and out without much trouble. The rudder is adjustable to let pilots practice all kinds of movements and stunts, including spiral movement, 360 rotation, and loops. Fiddle with the rudder to unlock the true potential of your Cessna 182.

One look at the F949 and you’ll see that it is based on the classic Cessna 182 aircraft. The smaller wingspan means that you’ll never be out of luck with this one. If the weather gets too wet and windy for a little flight, just bring it indoors and fly around a sports hall or – carefully – your home. As long as you have a wide-open space that is. It’s best in low-wind conditions because it’s so light that it can get carried away in the breeze.

The Cessna 182 Micro RTF also has a generous control range. You’ll get up to 200m of movement out of this little plane, giving you the space you need to climb high into the sky, knock off the throttle, and guide safely back down to Earth. The plane is made from a crash-resistant EPP composite, giving you some peace of mind that you can have a minor mishap here and there without doing too much damage. Your plane can take a few hits from a tree without falling to pieces. It’s one of the best materials to make a model plane from.

As mentioned before, the Cessna 182 Micro has an adjustable rudder. You can move the rudder to adjust the direction of airflow on the wings. These differences mean that you can pull off plenty of stunts with your little machine. You can tune the movements of the craft to pull off spiral movements, 360-degree rotation, and loops. Don’t worry about crashing during a flight manoeuvre as the durable EPP plastic body has you covered. This machine can take a few bumps and keep going just fine.

One thing we love about the F949 is that it comes with everything you need in the box. Not only do you get your model plane, but you also get a 2.4GHz mode 2 transmitter. The transmitter allows you to fly multiple planes at once – or fly your plane around others – without interference. Everyone can get in on the fun. You also get the flight battery for the plane and the charger so there’s nothing stopping you from getting into the sky.
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Cool features:

There’s a lot to love about this model airplane. Here are some of the standout cool features:

1. EPP Frame

While the plane ships in a polystyrene box, the chassis is made from a tough and durable EPP material. The material has more bounce to it than polystyrene and is much tougher to break. This is one of the best materials to make RC planes from because of how tough it is. Don’t worry if you have an accident when flying.

2. Dihedral Wings

The plane has dihedral wings. You’ll have ot attach them yourself but it’s no bother to slide them into the fuselage. What’s so special about dihedral wings? They have a slight upwards slant to them rather than laying flight. The curve makes the wings more stable, making the plane easier to fly as a whole.

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3. Electronic Display

The controller for the plane features a light-up electronic display. Not only does this display show you battery power but it also offers an overview of the plane, including wing and rudder positions. One problem with flying an RC plane is knowing these positions. The little display means you always know the orientation of your plane and what you need to do to bring it home or bust a move.

4. 3 Cordless Motors

The Cessna model airplane is powered by three cordless motors all working together to spin the single propeller. So many motors working at once means that the plane has a surprising amount of driving power for such a small and affordable craft.

5. Rapid Charging Time

Not only does the F949 offer a lengthy flight time compared to most other RTC planes, it also has a relatively quick charging time. It’ll take around half an hour to fully charge between flights. The last thing you want is for long charging times to keep you out of the air. That’s not something you need to worry about here. You’ll be back in the sky before you know it.

6. Adjustable Rudder

The adjustable rudder is one of the coolest things about the WLToys Cessna. With a few adjustments here and there, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with this little machine. The Cessna is remarkably manoeuvrable for such a small and light craft. You should have no problem hitting loops and spins as you soar through the air.

Why You’ll Simply Love Cessna 182 Micro RTF

There’s a lot to love about the Cessna 182 Micro RTF, including:

1. Designed To Look Like the Real Thing

Many RTC plane enthusiasts like their planes to look as close to the real thing as possible. WLToys did a fantastic job on this front. The model Cessna looks amazing, just like the real Cessna 182 – but smaller.

2. Ideal for Beginners

The model Cessna is as suited for beginners as the real Cessna, which is typically used as a training craft. Everything about this model is beginner-friendly. It’s super easy to put together and fly. You can fly the plane in a suitable indoor or outdoor space too.

3. Has Everything You Need

You’re sure to love that the craft has everything you need right there in the box. The only thing missing is the batteries for the controller. It takes four AA batteries so you should have no problem getting those and slotting them in ready to go.

4. Manoeuvrability

The Cessna 182 is remarkably manoeuvrable for a beginner plane. You can adjust the rudder to hit flips and spins or leave it alone to still get smooth movement in the air. Twist, spin, and turn your tiny Cessna with no problems at all. There’s one thing we can say for sure about this plane – you’ll love how smooth and easy it is to fly.

5. Minor Assembly

Some RC planes need a lot of extra assembly. They have a lot of loose parts that need to be connected. That’s not the case with the WLToys Cessna. While the plane doesn’t come assembled in the box, you won’t have to do much to put it together. All you need to do is slot in the motor, controller, and wings, and you’re good to go. This simple assembly process is another reason the craft is such a hit with beginners.

6. Makes a Great Gift

The WLToys Cessna 182 is an excellent gift for anyone who has an interest in flying model planes. Not every plane you find has everything you need in the box like this. It makes it difficult to find the ideal plane to give someone else. You don’t want to give someone a gift that requires them to then spend more money putting it together. If you know someone who might be interested in learning to fly a model plane, this WLToys F949 is the plane for them.

Final Thoughts

The Cessna 182 from WLToys is an excellent little machine. It is an ideal choice for anyone looking to get into model planes. The plane includes everything you need in the box and is easy to put together. You can fly it in any open area, including indoors. The fuselage is made from tough EPP plastic to withstand minor accidents as you learn to fly. It offers plenty of battery power, long flight times, and a generous operational range of up to 200m. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with the Cessna 182 WLtoys F949 Micro RTF.


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