Spektrum DX6e SPM6650

If you are a beginner at remote control flying, buying your first radio transmitter can be very exciting when it turns out to be a Spektrum DX6e. You can learn the ropes with ease plus more while having a blast at it.

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With this Spektrum radio, take advantage of its innovative features, including 4 model types, a patent-pending gimbal design, and 250-model memory. Hence, you will be making those directional inputs smoothly, making for full range control and tireless flying.

The many useful aspects of the DX6e are more than you’ll ever expect from an entry-level radio with not 2 but 6 channels. Even an experienced pilot will be thrilled to experiment with various tricks and flips while the newbies can practice flying small aircraft models without crashing them.

And we should mention that this wireless gizmo and all its bells and whistles can be yours at under dollars.

This 6-channel radio is one of the main offerings in Spektrum’s (e)conomy line of transmitters. Not only will it appeal to wise buyers but even to those who value the benefits they will get from their electronics. Reasonable price aside, the great thing about the DX6e is its overall functionality and the enjoyable experience you’ll get from such an intuitive device.

Cast away any of your remaining doubts because the Spektrum DX6e has a solid warranty for two years. This way, the only worry you’ll ever have with this radio is not having enough time to spend on your flying hobby.

Cool features and functions of the Spektrum DX6e SPM6650 RC transmitter

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  • Fly any remote-controlled vehicles such as airplane, helicopter, sailplane, and multirotor
  • Get real-time data on battery voltage, motor temperature, signal quality, etc. with its integrated telemetry
  • Equipped with wireless trainer link for convenient teaching sessions
  • Configurable gimbal settings using a patent-pending design
  • Has a slider switch with four spring configurations
  • Comes with an AR620 sport receiver that caters to DSMX/ DSM2 technologies and multiple RC aircraft models.
  • Stores up to 250 models in its internal memory with a backup of an SD card slot
  • Performs cross-platform model sharing with other Spektrum transmitters
  • Works with EN 328 forced convection heat exchangers
  • Airplane programming allows seven wing types and six tail types
  • Helicopter programming has two swashplate types
  • Sailplane programming provides four-wing types
  • Multirotor programming includes a simplified multirotor setup and switch assignment
  • 7-point throttle curve is available for airplanes and helicopters
  • 7-point pitch and tail curves for helicopters
  • 4 programmable mixes for airplanes, helicopters, and sailplanes
  • Includes four double-A batteries

Why you will love the Spektrum DX6e transmitter

Multiple aircraft programming

You will enjoy flying a variety of aircraft with the Spektrum DX6e. Choose any vehicle such as airplane, helicopter, sailplane, or multirotor drone depending on your available RC model and preference.

Given its proprietary Airware software used in different Spektrum transmitter models, pilots can even share setups with other hobbyists without complications.

While in airplane mode, simply select a wing-type you like, and the program will take of configuring the mixes for you. Such a time-saving feature makes it convenient for the pilot and reduces human errors, especially when it involves complex control surface mixing.

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Moreover, you can finetune the rotor speed of gyro models by assigning trim switches while the electronic E-ring prevents going above servo travel limits.

Large 250-model internal memory capacity

RC enthusiasts will likely be switching up their aircraft models now and then. With the DX6e’s 250-model memory, you can store as many aircraft types as you want without having to buy another transmitter each time.

With the hundreds of models it can accommodate, you might not need to have additional memory through an SD card at all. In case you do, it’s there at your disposal. Essentially, the sky is the limit when storing aircraft settings using a single DX6e transmitter.

Once you have added an aircraft and programmed its settings, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you fly it. You can also switch to any model using its efficient navigation tool that only displays occupied slots. Thus, no scrolling through blanks which can be annoying.

Airplane Programming
  • 7 Wing Types: Normal, Dual Aileron, Flaperon, 1 Aileron 1
  • Flap, 2 Aileron 1 flap, Elevon A, Elevon B
  • 6 Tail Types: Normal, V-Tail A, V-tail B, Dual Elevator, Dual
  • Rudder, Dual Rudder/Elevator
  • Flap System with Elevator Compensation
  • 3 Flight Modes
  • Dual Rates and Expo
  • 7-Point Throttle Curve
  • 3 Preset Mixes: Rudder-to-Aileron/Elevon, Aileron-to-Rudder, Elevator-to-Rudder
  • 4 Programmable Mixes – Normal or Curve
Helicopter Programming
  • Gyro
  • 7-Point Throttle Curve
  • 7-Point Pitch Curve
  • 7-Point Tail Curve
  • 2 Swash Plate Types: Normal, 3-Servo 120˚
  • 3 Flight Modes + Throttle Hold
  • Dual Rates and Expo
  • Cyclic-to-Throttle and Swashplate Timing Mixes
  • 4 Programmable Mixes – Normal or Curve
Sailplane Programming
  • 4 Wing Types: Single Aileron, Dual Aileron, 2 Aileron 1 Flap,
  • 2 Aileron 2 Flap
  • 3 Tail Types: Normal, V-Tail A, V-Tail B
  • Camber System
  • Camber Preset
  • 5 Flight Modes
  • Dual Rates and Expo
  • 4 Preset Mixes: Aileron-to-Rudder, Aileron-to-Flap, Elevator-to-Flap, Flap-to-Elevator
  • 4 Programmable Mixes – Normal or Curve
Multirotor Programming
  • Multirotor Channel Inputs – ALT (Altitude), ROL (Roll), PIT (Pitch), YAW
  • Multirotor Checklists and Warnings
  • Simplified Multirotor Flight Mode Setup and Switch Assignment

Integrated telemetry system

While flying requires undivided attention, you don’t just rely on your visuals. Having relevant data available in your transmitter is important to monitor the altitude and speed of your RC aircraft. A telemetry-ready transmitter such as the DX6e allows you to wirelessly record battery voltage, airspeed, temperature, RPM, signal quality, altimeter, variometer, and GPS.

This system can provide audio warnings, so you don’t always have to look at your screen. They will alert you if you exceed your preset limits to keep you in line. Aside from a telemetry-ready receiver, note that you will need telemetry sensors to activate this feature.

Buddy box via Wireless Trainer Link

Free yourself from a trainer’s cord when connecting with your instructor’s DSMX/ DSM2 transmitter. The wireless setup means no messy cables and no unintentional cord pulling, making for a safer and more relaxing activity for both trainer and trainee.

The wireless trainer is easy to use – all you have to do is bind your “slave” transmitter to a “master” transmitter to start your training. With the ModelMatch technology, no need to rebind in your subsequent sessions because it remembers transmitters that have paired up with it. Hence you will only go through the pairing process for a particular transmitter once.

Full-range AR610 DSMX receiver

The Spektrum AR610 receiver operates with DSMX/ DSM2 transmitters using an amplified antenna to get through reflective aircraft surfaces, hence no polarization. It even remains secured on the aircraft to enable it to receive clear signals from the transmitter without fail.

This receiver has a 2048 resolution, brownout detection, and QuickConnect, and ModelMatch technology. As a DSMX-capable receiver, it has both an enormous data capacity and high wideband signal resistance to interference. At the same time, it is quick to shift its frequency which reduces data loss. As such, you get quick connection times and excellent responses within the 2.4GHz band.

Our Experience with the Spektrum DX6e radio

At first glance, we are pleased with how durable the DX6e looks given its sturdy plastic build, which by the way, is the entry-level version of the DX6 model. It has a good size, provides a nice grip on the sides, and has a fluid scroll wheel for menu navigation. It seems it’s not going to be one of those that will easily break apart when accidentally dropped although we didn’t do a strength test or anything of that sort.

Concerning its features, we’ll begin with the six channels available on the DX6e. Usually, two channels will suffice for novice pilots. But if you take your flying hobby seriously, getting the 6-channel DX6e transmitter might be a smarter purchase. You can use it longer as you grow into more sophisticated aircraft. In short, you won’t need to replace it for some time. You also have a large memory to accommodate your future models. Thus, buying this device is a no-brainer.

All the gimbals, pots, and switches look good. When we put the DX6e in action, we found ourselves adjusting the gimbal sticks to optimize our handling. We love that the transmitter didn’t have to come apart for us to make the adjustments. All we had to do was access them on the front side of the device.

Since this transmitter at an operating voltage of 4.8 volts is EN 328-compatible, there was less heat emission. Our flying experience was a very satisfactory one.

Final thoughts on the DX6e

Once again, Spektrum did not let us down with their DX6e model. Flying hobbyists with skills ranging from beginner to expert can get a lot of use from its six channels, making it an excellent buy. This transmitter is highly programmable and compatible with a variety of instruments within Spektrum’s ecosphere.

The DX6e may be affordable but not at the expense of its features. With its ability to cater to different model types and large model memory, you have already saved a good amount of money. Otherwise, it would cost more if not require you to purchase additional electronics. Its durable quality would make it a great hand-me-down device once you’ve outgrown it, but we assure you that it won’t be anytime soon.

Pilots can scale their skills while using the same transmitter; hence calling the DX6e entry-level would seem to downplay its impressive characteristics. It is fully featured and optimized to perform well even in an already packed 2.4GHz environment. The buddy-box option is not only for pairing between the instructor and student; it can also support your growth into flying where you will need more than the default number of channels available.

Ultimately, this DX6e is a fantastic RC transmitter loaded with user-friendly features beyond beginner expectations yet accessible at an economical cost.


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