Timber RC Plane – E-Flite Turbo 1.5m BNF Basic

The E-Flite Timber takes the classic craft to the next level with the addition of a 3S and 4S compatible power system, metal-geared servos, and a turboprop-styled nose. The three-bladed propellor completes the list of advancements for a new airplane that offers better performance and more capabilities than the original version.

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The original E-Flite Timber RC airplane will be familiar to most RC pilots. Many pilots get their first taste of flight – especially flying a Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capable RC plane – with the classic E-Flite Timber. The original model offered pilots the chance to fly anywhere they wanted with friendly handling features and sports performance. It was quickly one of the best and most popular model planes ever made.

The E-Flite Timber comes with an unbeatable combination of outstanding features that allow for everyone – no matter their piloting experience – to enjoy flying a STOL sport-flying RC plane for an unforgettable experience. The plane comes equipped with shock-absorbing landing gear and oversized wheels for comfortable landings. Water landings and takeoff are made possible by the float set. Other optional features of the original RC plane, such as the LED lights, functional slotted flaps, and slats, are included as standard with the updated E-Flite Turbo Timber. A sturdier airframe supports the turboprop nose and three-blade propellor and spinner on the plane with more durable, not to mention more reliable, metal-geared servos. Put it all together, and you’ve got an RC plane with more capabilities and performance than any Timber before it.

Main Features

  • Stunning Short Take-Off and Landing features (STOL) and aerobic flight options
  • Three-blade propellor
  • High-power 3S and 4S compatible 50A ESC
  • Stiffer airframe and wings for better handling, roll rates, and aileron authority
  • Slotted flaps make for better STOL capability with shorter takeoffs and landings
  • Six durable metal-geared servos installed as standard
    Spektrum 6-channel server utilizing DSMX technology
  • Unparalleled precision and stability of AS3x technology delivers smoother flight experiences
    easy-to-fly RC plane thanks to SAFE Select Flight protection, which can be activated and deactivated as needed
  • Landing gear with oversized wheels for better shock-absorption with landings
  • Includes optional floats and steerable rudders for taking off and landing on water
  • Function LED lighting for landing and navigation
  • Lightweight and durable composite-reinforced, hollow-core EP construction
  • Comes with optional landing edge slats for better STOL and better performance at low speeds
  • Easy to assemble with no glue needed

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Why You’ll Simply Love E-flite Timber RC PlaneΒ 

Versatile Gear Choice

The Timber comes with the power to be used on just about any surface that you can imagine, including surfaces that shouldn’t be used by something this small. The RC plane works excellent on gravel paths, thick grass, dirt trails, and even ponds and lakes when equipped with the optional floats.

The plane’s landing gear is built with boosted shock absorption capabilities and oversized wheels ready to safely and absorb the impact of just about any landing. The advanced landing gear also offers better prop clearance compared to similar-sized craft. The float set included with the plane matches the trim for the airplane and has dual water rudders for excellent control on the water. You’ll have no problem installing either additional addon to fly the aircraft how and where you want. Swap out accessories in a few minutes to get back in the action quickly.

Short Take-Off and Landing Capabilities

The wings on the Turbo Timber RC airplane are designed with functional slotted flaps, drooped wingtips, and the option of using leading-edge slats (which are included in the box) for better performance with slow flight and enhanced Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) performance. These helpful features, along with the high-power motor and the lightweight design of the plane, mean that pilots can practically jump into the air or come floating back down to the ground with only two feet of clearance – or less depending on the conditions and skill of the pilot.

More Power

The updated model was made for pilots with a need for speed and desire for power. The brushless power system in the plane comes with a 50-amp ESC, a three-blade propellor, and a specially-tuned motor to deliver plenty of thurst from a 3S LiPo battery. Use a 4S battery for better performance and more power without having to upgrade or modify the plane.

Better Durability

The plane is made with composite-reinforced hollow-core construction. It is made from EP materials to deliver a plane that is as durable as it is lightweight. The Timber also has a stiffer wing compared to the original model. This more rigid wing provides better roll rates and aileron authority. Last but not least, at least for durability, the durable metal-geared servos add an extra touch of reliability. One of the problems with RC planes is that they can lack durability. This is one model plane that will never let you down on that front.

LED Lights

The LED lights were one of the standout features of the original Timber model. The good news is that the Turbo Timber 1.5m also has realistic LED lighting, including navigation lights, landing lights, and strobe lights. All of the LED lights are factory-installed and draw their power from the flight battery. That does mean that using them too much could drain flight time, so watch out for that.

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Easy to Assemble

One of the best features of the Turbo Timber is that it is so easy to put together. The Timber can be assembled without any glue at all. Only a handful of the parts have to be built, and those parts are easily bolted into place. Your Timber will be ready to take to the sky before you’re charged the flight battery. Not only is the plane easy to put together, but it’s just as easy to take apart for storage and transportation. The two-piece wing makes it easy to pack the aircraft up and take it with you wherever you go.

The Bind-N-Fly Advantage

The Timber Turbo is part of the Bind-N-Fly aircraft family. If you have a Spektrum transmitter already, you’ll be in the air even faster. The Timber comes equipped with the servos, power system, and Spektrum receiver installed as standard. All you have to do is bind the receiver to your transmitter, finish putting together the plane, and take to the sky.

The Bind-N-Fly Basic model of Timber Turbo has a 2.4GHz Spektrum DSMX reliever with AS3X (artificial stabilization 3-axis) technology. This technology works hard behind the scenes to reduce turbulence and wind effects to give your plane more precision and stability. You’ll feel like you’re piloting a larger aircraft tuned to perfection.

If you’ve never had a Bind-N-Fly model plane before, or want to have an extra degree of safety while getting used to flying it, then the SAFE Select flight protection technology makes flying much safer and smoother. The SAFE Select technology is optional, so you don’t have to use it.

What Does SAFE Select Do?

SAFE Select refers to Sensor-Assisted Flight Envelope Select. The technology is designed to improve the overall flight control of a model aircraft. SAFE Technology is custom-tuned to suit both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. The new technology couples software and multi-axis sensors, make model aircraft more comfortable and fun to fly.

Model planes and helicopters with SAFE technology installed have several performance options available, making it easy to adjust the flight control and security level you want when flying. For example, beginners can use the SAFE technology to make it easier to learn how to fly a plane. More advanced pilots can turn down the SAFE controls to get better precision and protection without getting in the way of them flying the plane how they want. Here are some of the ways that SAFE Select Technology helps when flying a plane;

  • Automatic Levelling – Your plane can automatically level itself to prevent rolling and pitching too much. This feature also prevents pilots from climbing and diving at an excessive angle.
  • Easy Switch Assignment – This procedure lets you program switches on your transmitter to turn SAFE Select features on or off. You won’t need any programming knowledge to do it either, as you can do it in a matter of seconds.
    Of course, you can turn the SAFE Select features off if you aren’t interested in using them. It’s still good to know that the option is there, however.

What’s In The Box?

  • E-Flite Turbo Timber Airplane
  • 50A BL ESC and BL Outrunner Motor
  • Spektrum AR636-6 Channel Receiver
  • Mico Metal-Geared Servos
  • Optional Leading-Edge Slats and Floats

What Else Do You Need?

  • 2200-3200Ah 3S or 4S 11.1-14.8 LiPo battery and charger
  • 6+ Channel DSMX/DSM2 Transmitter

Final Thoughts

The E-Flite Turbo Timber has received a serious level up and is better than ever before. Timber is the latest version of one of the best RC planes on the market. It has everything you need to fly safely and comfortably, no matter your skill level as a pilot. This is an RC plane that would be perfect for beginners and yet just as good for expert pilots.


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